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Felony convictions usually mean prison sentences, sometimes for long stretches. The unique nature of California law means that certain felonies can come with enhanced sentencing provisions. These convictions mean the loss of constitutional rights, and even after time has been served, a felony record puts a defendant with a long road ahead to rebuild their life. A good San Joaquin felony lawyer, who understands the justice system and knows how to advocate for a defendant, can make a big difference in the life of their client. 

From our San Joaquin office, Krueger Legal serves clients in all of Fresno County, and throughout Sacramento and Stanislaus counties. With over 10 years of experience in criminal law, we want to lead the fight for the reputation and freedom of you or the person you love. 

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California Felonies: Wobblers & Strikes

The state of California allows prosecutors with discretion in whether or not certain crimes will be charged as felonies. These are known as ”wobblers” and it means the District Attorney’s office can choose whether to file charges for a felony or a misdemeanor. While the latter can still result in jail time, a misdemeanor prison term is less than 1 year. Furthermore, a misdemeanor does not count as a “strike” under California law. 

California is unique in that it uses the Three Strikes rules for sentencing. When a person is convicted of three serious felonies, that “third strike” means an automatic sentence of at least 25 years in jail and perhaps life imprisonment. It should be noted that not every felony counts as a strike under California law. But many of them do. A lawyer who can fight for either outright acquittal, or at least the reduced charge of a misdemeanor, can protect the client from having a strike added to their record. 

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Legal Defense Strategies in Felony Cases

Defense counsel can help their client in numerous ways. That starts right at the outset when charges are brought. Our founding partner, Attorney Phillip Krueger, has also worked as a prosecutor. He knows from firsthand experience that the case law enforcement has may not be as strong as they are presenting to the defendant. By understanding the quality of the evidence, the prosecution has, and knowing how that evidence usually stands up in a court of law, Krueger Legal is in position to negotiate for having the charges either reduced or outright dropped. 

The legal battle can continue in the preliminary hearing. Before a jury is even impaneled, the prosecution must prevent its evidence to a judge for review. If any evidence was illegally obtained, it can be challenged. If the evidence on hand does not add up to probable cause, the judge can be asked to dismiss the case .

All of this is before a trial even begins. A San Joaquin felony lawyer experienced in trial law will have an understanding of how to handle jury selection, and then how to present a case to the chosen twelve jurors. 

In the event the prosecution’s evidence leads to a conviction or guilty plea, an attorney can still make a difference in sentencing. Judges have discretion in how long a prison sentence will be. For example, if burglary is charged as a felony and Three Strikes is not a factor, the sentence might be anywhere from 2 to 6 years in prison. That’s four years of a defendant’s life that can still be fought for at the sentencing hearing. 

Fighting to Get Our Clients’ Lives Back

There are so many ways a committed and experience defense lawyer can fight for their clients, but they all boil down to one common goal—getting the defendant’s life back. Sometimes that’s for an innocent person unjustly charged with a crime. Sometimes it may be for someone who has made a mistake, but is being overcharged by the system and still deserves the second chance that America is supposed to offer. No matter what their circumstances, all defendants need and deserve someone to fight for them. That someone should be an attorney who understands all the legal tools in the toolbox. That’s Krueger Legal. 

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A felony conviction in San Joaquin can lead to significant consequences, including prison sentences that may be lengthy. Under California law, certain felonies may also come with enhanced sentencing provisions. Beyond incarceration and fines, a felony conviction can result in the loss of constitutional rights and create substantial challenges in rebuilding one's life post-release due to the felony record.



Krueger Legal's experience, particularly with founding partner Attorney Phillip Krueger's background as a prosecutor, provides clients with a strategic advantage. This experience allows our firm to critically assess the strength of the prosecution's evidence and negotiate for reduced or dismissed charges. Our knowledge of the legal system and evidence evaluation is key in defending clients effectively.

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