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Violent crime charges are always serious. They always put a defendant under the microscope of a prosecutor, who may be feeling public pressure to get a conviction—any conviction. And state law in California can make the sentences for these crimes more severe than in other parts of the country. An experienced San Joaquin violent crimes lawyer is there to fight hard to protect the rights of the defendant and work towards their acquittal. 

For over a decade, Krueger Legal has been in the trenches of the criminal justice system. From our San Joaquin office, we serve all of Fresno County, and throughout Sacramento and Stanislaus counties. We offer free consultations and payment plans. 

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Violent Crimes in California

Violent crimes are defined as anything which either causes direct bodily harm to the alleged victim, or put that victim in reasonable fear that such harm was imminent. Crimes involving a deadly weapon can also be considered violent. 

These crimes can include felony offenses, such as murder. They may include sex crimes, like rape. Assault is another example of a violent crime. Section 667.5 of the California Penal Code provides a complete list of offenses that prosecutors may consider as violent crime. 

The distinction of a crime as violent is no small thing. The state of California uses “Three Strikes” rules in sentencing. In the event a person is convicted of three or more serious felonies—of which violent crimes apply—there are considerable sentencing enhancements that judges are bound by. Namely, the “third strike” requires a sentence of at least 25 years in prison and puts a life sentence on the table. 

Consider the implications of Three Strikes sentencing—a person convicted of robbery generally faces a maximum sentence of 9 years in prison, presuming there are no other aggravating circumstances. But if this same robbery conviction is the third offense, the maximum sentence suddenly becomes life imprisonment, with a minimum of 25 years. The fact Three Strikes rules bind the judges to these guidelines further limits the ability of a lawyer to work for reducing sentencing. 

All of which makes fighting for acquittal or reduced charges, particularly on the first or second offenses, even more important. 

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Defenses Against Violent Crimes

The defense strategy adopted will depend on the specific circumstances of the crime itself. But no matter the situation, it’s important that defendants understand that their lawyer has more than a few cards to play, and should be brought in before any plea is made. 

The biggest card any defense attorney in any case is the most basic premise of the American criminal justice system—that every defendant is innocent until proven guilty. That proof must be beyond a reasonable doubt--meaning that no reasonable person can find any other reasonable outcome. A jury of 12 individuals must reach this conclusion unanimously. 

This is a very high bar to meet. Our founding partner, Attorney Phillip Krueger, was a former prosecutor himself and understands very well that the legal case the authorities have may be considerably weaker than they let on to a defendant. Before pleading out, let our San Joaquin violent crimes lawyer at least take a look. 

Winning Your Life Back

When defendants face violent crime charges, their freedom and their reputation are all on the line. The consequences of conviction linger well beyond any prison time served, and include the loss of constitutional rights, from owning firearms to voting. They include the challenge of gaining future employment or housing with a conviction on one’s record. Furthermore, defendants often have to fight these charges in an atmosphere where their guilt has been prejudged. 

We’re not here to judge our clients. We’re here to fight for them, and we’re here to do it with every legal tool at our disposal. 

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